Cubic Pillar, Blocks and Lines
Year / 2021

Presented by CHEN FURONG STUDIO, “Cubic Pillar, Blocks and Lines”, is a light-hearted and pleasant work of art, which, with its expressive straight forwardness, is deliberately devoid of functions and meaning.


“Cubic Pillar, Blocks and Lines”, representing Chen Furong’s pondering and search on the nature of design, was a bold experiment. It is devoid of aesthetical meaning. And by embracing the basic geometric structure,it managed to disguise the functionality with its form. Four lines diagonally crossing one another makes up a two-dimensional cube. When added with another dimension, it gains volume. Through horizontal, vertical and curvy blocks, it demonstrates stillness and dynamics in its simple language, like the rhythms and leap of the minimalist music. In different perspectives, the lines appear in altered state, making up its own rhythm and dynamics.


The three blocks as a whole creates an order in the space. The cubic pillar is an all-black closet, with its doors hidden on the side. The black cube setting on the white blocks forms a table with camouflaged drawers. And the slightly uneven doubled curvy block is the bench, breaking out through the black and white color palette with an unexpected green, granting this work with a sense of humor.


This work presents more with its very minimalism. The simple and abstract geometric structures make it poetic for what it is and instill it with a tinge of surrealism. Chen Furong gives his work characteristics and fun with basic elements.

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