LIANG lamp
Year / 2020
Manufacturer / U+ life

LIANG, whose sole meaning of existence is to give light, is not restricted to certain predetermined circumstances and application scenarios, silently and pleasingly offering light and warmth.

LIANG is constructed in a traditional Chinese way, with the basic structure unit, beam, the structural core, being the light, the functional core. The wooden chevron-shaped lid gains support from the two ends of the aluminum beam that go slightly upward and is smartly connected by wedged mortise-and-tenon joints. The horizontally expanding silhouette reminds people of the typical oriental aesthetics. Slightly showing under the dark wood, the beam in metallic silver, gives a tint of modern temperament.

The main structure of the made by young carpenter with good craftsmanship and the aluminum beam is cut and polished by cnc lathe. The precision and delicacy of the work that is brought by both handcraft and machinery can be seen with a quick glance.

Set beside a long table or against the wall or the corner, LIANG gives out light pleasant as the summer breeze.

LIANG is part of the design project “three’s company” of the CIFF GUANGZHOU “Design Spring” Contemporary Chinese Furniture Design Fair, as the fruition of the collaboration among Chen Furong, designer brand U+ and the China’s fine carpentry team member Gao Wen.

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